Cord was formed to establish a linking force that bridges the gap between the past and the present. Co-founded by Pranav Guglani and Neha Singh, the brand rooted in 2015 with an ideology to depict stories with skilled Indian artisans and their craftsmanship along with the beauty of authenticity, and the charm of nostalgia.

The need to focus more on quality than quantity led our creative process to be defined by durability, comfort, and functionality with hints of details inspired by vintage fashion.

Our practice of launching only two main collections annually comes from our the dogma of not following trends, but to further encourage seasonless and classic designs that remain with you forever.

We love our products to be interpreted by the personality of the user, whether it's our garment being dressed up or down, or the way our leather bag matures with age and wherever it travels. With a complete mix of contemporary clothing and handcrafted leather goods, we hope to offer a lifestyle that does not only look restored but feels relevant.


Just as much as we all love to confabulate about being the richest country in terms of Craft and culture, we also take immense pride in reflecting the same through our products.

Focusing on the country’s plentiful textiles, skilled techniques of craftsmanship like hand smocking, hand embroidery, block-printing, neat hand-stitching of apparel and leather and adopting these gracious handmade processes not only gives the product a unique character but also adds a touch of sentimental value to it further helping us preserve the craftsmanship community of our country.


We at cord have a mission to prioritize the need of the time, which has paved a path to adopting sustainable practices in our operations. Our small but potent workshop comprises of a very devoted team of gifted artisans working in the field of block printing, screen printing, hand embroidery, and stitching to create classic adorned garments for the collection. As a cherry on top, we are also affiliated with a set of artisans in Modinagar UP, who work on the hand-done smocking details which are stated as the pinnacle of our garments.

The leather accessories are made with equal love and passion highlighting the indefinite capacity of Indian craftsmanship. These slow processes mingle with fine tailoring and sharp patterns to form the ultimate attire.

The premium materials used in our collection for apparel or leather are all derived from the natural form and resources, with a conscious effort to be environment-friendly. Fabrics like cotton and linen are locally sourced from South India and Bhagalpur out of which 75% is handwoven and organic.

Each year we reflect and we strive to make our brand more responsive and awake in terms of being imperishable. From the first step of choosing the fabric to the last one which includes coconut shells and wooden buttons along with natural Kraft paper for packaging are a few more steps towards making our practice more supportive of the environment as a whole.